Bodybuilding Issue – Staying Consistent

The truth is, being consistent can be very difficult. It takes a lot of determination and will power. See consistency isn’t just about having consistent workouts. It’s about consistently balancing the fundamentals. It means consistently going to the gym to train, consistently sticking to your diet, and consistently getting enough rest. I completely understand the big issue with this because I go through the same exact things.

First, I want to talk about consistency for rest and training. If you’re having issues with getting consistent rest, simply try to maintain a similar sleep schedule. It may be tempting to stay up very late on weekends if you have nothing to do, but if you wear your body down enough during the day, you’ll be crashing early and allow yourself to get enough rest.

Now to the hardest part, diet. For years I would simply train hard and get enough rest. I would make sure I maintained a somewhat healthy diet. I made good choices generally, but never felt guilty if I wanted to eat out or ate poorly at times. I have come to realize just how important diet is now though. I still train just as hard and get enough rest, but am in way better shape now. The only factor that I changed was diet.

Just through changing my diet, I can see way faster results and my time in the gym means so much more. Besides the fact that I look like I’m in a lot better shape, I feel like I’m in a lot better shape too. Dropping the fast food and other unhealthy choices makes me feel way better inside. I have a lot more energy and that translates to a lot of other aspects in my life. I have a lot more drive and willingness to do things. I attribute this simply to my diet. Knowing how much of a role diet plays helps me stay consistent.

Feeling better is a huge plus and helps me stay consistent because I want to continually feel good. I may crave something unhealthy, but after eating it not feel good. In the past when I have given in and ate something unhealthy, I not only feel bad about cheating on my diet, but I feel worse internally. Especially now that my body is used to eating healthy foods, the unhealthy foods don’t usually sit too well. Plus I know that this will just have a negative effect on my appearance. Having those negative effects on my appearance and how the inconsistency negatively affects my mood as well, it helps me to stay consistent. When I’m consistent and have a better overall physique, which in itself helps me be consistent because I can see good results which makes me strive for more.

I really hope that this article has put things into perspective, and that you can learn from my experiences in order to be more consistent yourself!

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